8 Facebook Groups to build your business

8 facebook groups

If you follow The Nectar Collective you may have noticed this awesome post written by Melyssa on how to get more clients (and to keep them coming!). There were some true gems in her blog post but the one that really stood our for me was Number One, yes the very first one on the list –  ‘Actively participating in Facebook Groups’.

I’m no stranger to this effective method of securing clients. One of my first groups was the B-School class of 2013 group, at the time when I joined I thought of it as more of a bother than anything else but once I got into it I reaped some amazing benefits like securing a few international clients and meeting liked minded Freelancers.

Quick Tip Tuesday – What WordPress Theme is that?

What WordPress Theme is That?

I’m going to be super quick today because firstly I’ve got about a gazillion things on my to-do list and secondly I’m about to dash off to Pre-natal Yoga classes, deep breath in, deep breath out. So here goes…

Ever stumbled upon a site that you are completely blown away by or perhaps you see a nifty function and wonder how they did it or what theme they are using? Well today’s quick tip is a resource I honestly use every. single. day!

Becoming a Web Designer: My Story

becoming a web designer

I absolutely love reading other people’s stories of how they got to where they are today, for me their stories are a reminder that we all have to start from the beginning and that anything is possible. So today I thought I’d share my story on how I became a web designer and the steps you could take right now to start your tech career…