Why the silence? (and life happenings)

About 8 weeks ago we found out there was going to be a little plot twist in our lives, for the better of course. We kept it quiet for as long as we could but it seems that I’m too much of wine lover for my friends not to notice something was up…

6 weeks on and morning sickness literally took over my life! I was a walking zombie, staring at my computer trying to get my work done but failing miserably. Some days getting out of bed was a mission so you can only imagine what work felt like… complete torture.
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Colour in SA :: You Biscuit

You Biscuit (colloq): South African slang, a term of affection and approval: “Hey, you biscuit!” or “Well done, you biscuit!”


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll know that over the weekend I turned into a kid again. I sharpened my colouring pencils, licked the tips of my old kokis and got stuck into colouring You Biscuit’s, newly launched, gigantic Proudly South African colouring poster. It was absolute bliss!

Many hours of colouring and thoughts later I realised that there might actually be an art to gigantic poster colouring and that a few do’s & don’ts might come in handy for when you get stuck into your first You Biscuit poster.

// Do think 50 shades of You Biscuit…
Invest in a good set of colouring pencils in a wide variety of shades because trust me you will get bored of that fire red and sky blue. I quickly realised my fairly priced 12 shade pack from Clicks wasn’t going to cut it so I headed out to CNA, purchased a 24 shade pack and spent the whole of Sunday in colouring heaven.

// Do dedicate a space to your new poster…
About an hour into colouring I realised how similar it was to a puzzle – bite size, do when you can so if you have to continuously keep putting it away you’ll never get it done. Mine’s on our dinning room table and there to stay until I finish it!

// Do thank Eksom….
for load shedding – created for endless hours of uninterrupted colouring fun!

// Do consider this as meditation….
There is something about colouring that gives you the time to think. I spent so many hours this weekend thinking about life, work, my relationship and future, yes what I’m saying is it’s better than therapy and meditation!

// Do stock up on snacks & refreshments…
alcoholic or non. Your going to be at it for a while so a few sips of vino and a block of top deck will definitely come in handy! Bonus points if they are South African products.

// Don’t stress…
You will become an addict and burn the Sunday roast but hey when your in the zone your in the zone!

// Do recycle…
Those old glass jars will come in handy, firstly to hold down each corner and then eventually to hold all your colouring pencils and kokis.

// Don’t hide it away…
Make sure the dedicated space is somewhere where your guests will see, trust me it’s a huge talking point!

// Do know your country…
I’m embarrassed to admit this but when I got to the SA flag I was like blue on top red on the bottom, no no red on the top blue on the bottom. Which is it??? Hello Google!!! Yes perhaps I should know my own countries flag a bit better.

// Do catch up on your podcasts…
I found this the perfect time to catch up on my endless ‘to listen to’ list of Podcasts.

// Do make a plan to frame it…
I’m torn between wanting to finish it today so I can have it framed asap and wanting it to never to end. I think the best way for the fun to continue is to have it framed and make it a feature in your home!

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You Biscuit is now OPEN FOR ORDERS, to buy one of their awesome A1-size South African Colouring In Poster (R99 each) head on over to their website – www.youbiscuit.com

Choosing the right colours for your website

2015-02-23 12.03.35 1
Most bloggers and entrepreneurs recognise the importance of good branding but why then don’t they know how to implement it? Over the past few weeks I covered the techie side of setting up your website, but today and for the rest of the week I thought I’d touch on the importance of keeping your colours and fonts inline with your branding.

Now, I’ll be honest, this is something I struggle with myself but with heaps of research I am proud to say that my font pairing and colour choices have become a whole lot better, so yes you can get there too!

Here are 8 steps for creating, refining and implementing the perfect colour scheme for your blog or website.
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